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Gitzo is renowned for its beautiful range of high performance and quality tripods that represent the state of the art of the market. Gitzo’s range of heads are engineered and developed to be the ideal complement to our top of the range tripods.

centre ball heads

Gitzo’s Center Ball Heads are designed for balance: balance between guaranteeing high maximum loads and providing key features that are often less easily...

traveler centre ball heads

Traveler Center Ball Heads are stripped-down versions of our standard center ball heads, specifically designed to take up less luggage space for globe-trotting...

classic centre ball heads

Classic Center Ball Heads do not have the locking strength or the most recent innovations of the Traveler Center Ball Heads, but the availability of smaller...

systematic heads

The Systematic Head was designed to help photographers who shoot wildlife, sport and action photography using long and ultralong lenses. Long lenses require...

off centre ball heads

Off-Center Ball Heads are among the most distinctive and respected products in the Gitzo range. This unique head design allows unsurpassed positioning...

low profile heads

Low Profile Heads are Gitzo’s version of the three-way heads, which allow independent movement on all three axes: pan, front-rear tilt, and lateral tilt...

fluid heads

With ergonomic, accurate movement and high quality construction, these heads are ideal for birdwatching or video use.

birdwatching 2 way heads

Birdwatching demands different features of support equipment than video and photo applications, yet almost all the heads used by bird watchers are video-...